CHM 4220 Organic Synthesis
Handouts, Answer Keys and Sample Exams

Textbook: Introduction to Strategies for Organic Synthesis by Laurie S. Starkey (2018, Wiley)

Handouts (Syllabus and Revised COVID-19 Schedule), Homework and Answer Keys (for current semester)
See also CHM 4220L lab homepage, lab syllabus, Harwood & Moody lab textbook index

Chapter 1 -Synthetic Toolbox I: Retrosynthesis & Protective Groups

Chapter 2 - Synthetic Toolbox II: Nucleophiles, Electrophiles, Oxidations & Reductions

Chapter 3 - Synthesis of Monofunctional Target Molecules (1-FG TMs)

Chapter 4 -Synthesis of Target Molecules with Two Functional Groups (2-FG TMs)

Chapter 5 - Synthesis of Aromatic Target Molecules

Chapter 6 - Synthesis of Cyclic Target Molecules (Diels-Alder Reaction)

Chapter 7 - Predicting & Controlling Stereochemistry

Chapter 8 - Organometallic Synthesis

Week 15 - Video Presentations

Final Exam and Answer Key (histogram)

Sample Exams

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Last updated May 15, 2020