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Bonding/Structure, Acid-Base, Nomenclature

Lewis Structures & Line Drawings
Resonance & Hybridization/3-D
MO Theory
Physical Properties
Sites of Unsaturation (DU)
Conformations of Alkanes & Cyclohexanes

Stereochem, Radicals,
Study of Reactions

Chirality & Optical Activity
R/S, E/Z Nomenclature
Stereochemical Relationships
Radical Reactions

Thermodynamics, Kinetics &
Reaction Coordinate Diagrams

Substitution & Elimination
Alkene/Alkyne Reactions

Substitution Reactions (Sn1/Sn2)
Elimination Reactions (E1/E2)
Substitution vs. Elimination
Dehydration of Alcohols
Alkene Additions and Oxidation
Alkyne Reactions

Alcohols, Ethers
& Epoxides

Alcohol Reactions
Grignard & Hydride Reagents
Epoxide Reactions
Alkoxides & Thiols

Syntheses Involving Alcohols

Carbonyl Chemistry

Aldehydes & Ketones
Acetals & Protective Groups

Carb. Acids & Derivatives
Carb. Acid Rxns-Hydride/Grignard

Alpha-Carbon Chemistry

Enols & Enolates

Aldol, Claisen, Michal Rxns

Decarboxylation (Acetoacetate, Malonate Syntheses)

Conj. Systems, Aromaticity

Conjugated Dienes (Diels-Alder, 1,2/1,4-Addition)

Aromatic Sub. & Diazonium Salts
Aromatic TM Synthesis

Additional Topics

Amine Reactions & Synthesis

Spectroscopy (NMR, IR)















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